Oyo Government Declares Monday Public Holiday to Mark June 12

Oyo Government Declares Monday Public Holiday to Mark June 12

Oyo State Government has declared Monday, June 13, as public holiday in commemoration of the annulment of the June 12, 1993 Presidential Election.

This was contained in a statement by the Special Adviser, Communication and Strategy to the Governor, Mr. Yomi Layinka.

The statement notes that June 12 remained a significant day in the political history of the country and Nigerians must continue to commemorate the day and bring out its fond memories as a lesson in electoral transparency and openness.

The statement also states that the late Chief Moshood Abiola whose acclaimed victory at the 1993 polls was annulled, remained one of the greatest martyrs Nigeria has produced and he should always be remembered.

It therefore urged the Federal Government to immortalise the late MKO Abiola and officially recognise him as one of the former Presidents of the country.


Classify June 12 as Democracy Day, Rights Groups Tell Nigeria Government

Peaceful Rally in Osogbo, Osun State Capital to Mark June 12

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Rights Groups Want June 12 to be Classified as Democracy Day

A cross section of Human Rights Activists in Osun embarked on peaceful rally to mark June 12.

June 12 is the 23rd Anniversary of the annulment of election that was widely acclaimed as the freest and fairest in the Election of Nigeria but was annulled by the Military President, Ibrahim Babangida.

The protesting groups which converged on Ayetoro Junction, in Osogbo the state capital call for the adoption of June 12 as National Democracy Day.

Addressing the rally, Mr. Olowogboyega Oyebade said June 12 remained a watershed in the history of democracy in Nigeria.


He urged government to strengthen its institutions such as judiciary and the Police to guide its officers and men to cultivate true democratic culture in discharging their duties as a way of deepening the democracy.

Other pro- democracy activists who spoke at the rally including Barrister Toyin Eweje, Barrister Rahaman Shenge, Comrade Wale Balogun, Comrade Wale Adebisi and Comrade Waheed Lawal want Nigerians to embrace the virtue of democracy and protect the value associated with freedom of speech, worship and Association.

They called on government to do more and meet the yearnings of the common man.

Aregbesola Affirms June 12 as Democracy Day


Governor Aregbesola’s Address on 12th of June 2016

My good people of Osun,

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of the historic presidential election of June 12, 1993, won by Bashorun Moshood Abiola. Though the election was cruelly disallowed and the winner arrested and put in unjust incarceration (for daring to affirm his victory), where he later died in what has remained mysterious circumstances, we have kept faith since, in celebrating that date as Democracy Day.

We will never drop our commitment to June 12.

June 12 is most symbolic of democracy in that it was the date Nigerians freely expressed their choice on whom to be their leader; it was also the date of unequivocal affirmation of the unity of the country by Nigerians across all divides.

Nigerians, in their heterogeneity, on June 12, 1993, voted for Chief Abiola in a pattern that defied ethnicity, religion, ideology and locality. It was a pattern that made mockery of the fabled fault-lines and fissiparous tendencies of the Nigerian federation and projected a nation united behind a popular leader.

May 29, in 1999, was the date the military handed over power to civilian administration and will remain symbolic for the transition to civil rule and the opportunity it presents for realising a truly democratic government that approximates the yearnings and aspirations of the people for a leader that will lead them to the Promised Land of security and life more abundant.

We waited for 16 years for that leadership to emerge and we thank God for the election and coming to power of President Muhammadu Buhari. A government with a human face is here at last. He represents the aspirations and symbolism of June 12 in that he also got a pan-Nigerian mandate that once again defied the divisions in our country.

He represents hope for change and national rebirth. He is on that path. God willing, he will lead us to the Promised Land.

May 29, however, is a child of June 12 being that it was the unrelenting pursuit of the actualisation of June 12 with the sweat and blood of our patriots that led to military disengagement and civilian rule on May 29.

We salute and commend the courage of our patriots, living and dead, who sacrificed everything, including their lives, in the cause of June 12 and birth of democracy in our land.

You are our heroes and heroines. You will never be forgotten, but will live in our hearts forever. Your wish has been largely fulfilled, though we acknowledge that democracy anywhere is an unfinished business.

We must keep nurturing it with the nutrients of peace, love and hard work and protect it with mutual respect, tolerance and unbounded patriotism.

There are many forms of government and we have tried many of them, but we have learnt from experience that democracy, with all its imperfections, is still the best. It affords the people the opportunity to choose their leader and participate in the process of governance. It permits them to correct mistakes and throw out bad leadership at the next election cycle. It allows them to weigh options and make the best choice, even if they are not always right. More importantly, it puts people at the heart of government. That is why one of its most popular definition is ‘Government of the people by the people for the people’.
Since our inauguration, we have put you, our people, at the heart of government and worked to make democracy meaningful and impactful. Every policy we have made, every decision we have taken is to further the peoples’ interest and lift them from the morass of hopelessness, helplessness, dejection, poverty and ignorance into the cape of peace, security, prosperity and abundant life.
We have revived education with new schools, free meals, free school uniforms, improved infrastructure, motivation for teachers and so on. We have enhanced transportation and beauty of our landscape with the construction of over 1,000 kilometers of roads across the state. We have vigorously pursued urban renewal and sent flooding packing from our state. We have rehabilitated hospitals and improved healthcare delivery for all the people. We have encouraged agriculture, made food to be abundantly available and made farmers to be prosperous. We have created tens of thousands of jobs directly and indirectly through O’YES, O’REAP, O’MEALS, OPON IMO, O’AMBULANCE, O’SCHOOL, AGBA OSUN, O’BOPS, O’FOPS  and other ‘Os’.
We have also deepened democracy by allowing the opposition a robust room to operate and not retaliating the wrongs we suffered when we were in opposition.

Our accommodating spirit and genuine outreach to all have won the leading lights of the opposition to our side and made democratic participation in Osun to be more inclusive. We have enhanced the rights of all to freely worship as he or she deems fit. We have done all these because we value the people.

We salute and recognise workers as invaluable and indispensable allies in the service of the people and delivering the dividends of democracy. They have sacrificed and given their best. They have shown understanding of the situation we are, even as we try to mitigate the consequences of the shortfall in revenue occasioned by a drop in the price of crude oil. I want to assure them that good times are here and we shall all enjoy the fruits of our labour.

As we celebrate June 12 as Democracy Day, let us remember the struggles and sacrifices of our heroes and heroines by continuing to be good citizens, by working hard and paying our taxes.

It is for this reason that we have declared tomorrow as public holiday, in commemoration of this watershed date and to honour the memory of Chief Abiola, his wife, Kudirat Abiola, who was cowardly murdered by agents of the evil regime and other Nigerians who suffered for standing for what they believe to be right.
I wish us all a Happy Democracy Day

Female Genital Mutilation: Community Should Set up Watchdog Group

Female Genital Mutilation also known as Female Circumcision is a common practice in which children and young girls are subjected to injury to the female organs for non-medical reasons.

Female genital mutilation is considered by experts as a procedure that can cause severe bleeding and problems with urinating which could lead to infections, infertility as well as complications during child- birth for women.

The procedure is also viewed as a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

Stakeholders,however,advocate the enforcement of existing law and involvement of rural community as a watch-dog at ensuring an end to the practice.

A family physician in Oyo State Dr. Ebunlomo Walker who said the practice was still common in some communities in the southwest Nigeria said it was high time government enforced existing laws to protect children as well as raise awareness on the danger inherent in the practice.

An Osun state social worker, Mrs Bosede Adeniji said the way forward at achieving zero tolerance against this practice was to raise army of volunteers who will serve as a watchdog in the community.

Two advocates for social change, Mr. Emmanuel Olashore in Abuja and Mrs. Florence Olusanya in Ekiti state condemned the practice and called for social mobilization among non-government organisations and international agencies at ensuring that female children.

They maintained that the attribution of culture and religion to the practice of female genital cutting was unfounded.

MDR Tuberculosis Still a Burden in Nigeria

TuberculosisTuberculosis an airborne disease is caused by a bacterium known as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and according to USAID, it has infected over 2 billion people, one-third of the world population.

While someone around the world still dies every 20 seconds after tuberculosis was discovered 134 years ago and its declaration as a global emergency in 1993, another strain of the disease known as Multiple Drug Resistance Tuberculosis more vicious than the deadly TB had also reared ugly head and on the increase.

Stakeholders in Nigeria are poised to Free Nigeria of Tuberculosis in line with the five-year strategy adopted by National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program.

Tuberculosis as a contagious disease seeks after people so anytime a person with pulmonary or laryngeal TB coughs, sneezes, speaks or sings, experts say that 75,000 droplets of nuclei containing Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex M.tb are expelled into the air.

When someone cough Persistently for more than 2 weeks, complain of tiredness, fever, loss of appetite, chest pain, weight loss, sweat in the night and shortness of breath such person clinically is suspected to have TB.

Any infected person with active TB has the capacity to infect on the average between 10-15 people every year.

The Osun State Tuberculosis Leprosy Control Officer, Dr. Adedeji Gbadamosi who pointed that TB is a deadly disease expressed concern that while the battle to curtail it has not been overcome, a new strain of TB refer to as Multiple Drug Resistance TB was now on the rise

In a submission, an officer of KNCV-USAID Programme on Tuberculosis, Ms Chidubem Ogbudebe who noted that each stakeholder including state ministry of health, field TB and leprosy supervisors, CBO’s, volunteers, facility staff and treatment supporters has a role to play, stressed the need to remove human barrier and embrace strategies that could fast track that cases of TB were mopped up in the community

Ms Ogbudebe said though International Donors such as USAID and KNCV have set out five years strategy to fight TB in Nigeria, a disease that kills one and a half million people each year worldwide deserved the attention of all citizens.

An Abuja based social worker, Mr. Emmanuel Olashore and A nursing officer with Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife Mrs. Rachael Olowokere who both spoke on the threat of Multiple Drug Resistance Tuberculosis also suggested ways to stop TB and arrest the trend of MDR

They expressed worry that in view of the dreaded nature  of Tuberculosis the country has not exercise enough political will and commitment to fight the disease through funding.

A community volunteer in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Mr. Joshua Olusola pointed maintained that there was the need to aggressively trace out the disease wherever it could be found especially in crowded unhygienic settlements in both urban and rural areas

Mr. Joshua expressed the hope that the new five-year target to make “Nigeria Free of Tuberculosis” was realizable if everyone come on board to find, detect and cure tuberculosis as the treatment of Tuberculosis is free.

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OLAM Nigeria Promotes Farmers Healthy Living

OLAM Nigeria Promotes Farmers Healthy Living

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Well being of farmers and their knowledge on safe health practices will fast track wealth creation, food security, and raising of younger generation of farmers in the country.

This understanding inspired Olam, a foremost player in Nigeria Cocoa Industry to organize a Healthy Living fair for farmers in Iperindo Community, Osun state

The Healthy Living Fair held in Iperindo Secondary School attracted over four hundred farmers and about one thousand students and thirty teachers.

Over two thousand Cocoa Farmers with members operating under the Umbrella Ore Agbe Ilesa had benefited from various intervention that began three years ago by Olam.

The Head of Cocoa Sustainability, Olam Ms Jennifer Abuah who led the company team to the Healthy Living fair stated that the outreach was organized for both farming parents and their children not only to keep them healthy, make their farming work profitable but also ensure sustainability of cocoa farming

Ms Abuah said though the organization had in the past promote knowledge on HIV prevention and treatment, it has scaled up its intervention to other important areas of health including, Basic Hygiene, Nutrition, Malaria, Diabetes, women well being including Breast Self Examination

The Head of Cocoa Sustainability also pointed out that young ones were also key to Olam strategy at transforming rural community and raising the profile of farmers.

Farmers Healthy Living Fair
Jennifer Abuah addressed school pupils on safe health practices

Ms Abua maintained that this networking with the grassroots had strengthen farming operations through training in best agriculture practices that improves quality of farmers bean, harvest and wealth creation and improvement of their health status.

Dr Shomefun Esther of the Action Health Incorporated who led a team of paramedics that counselled and examined participants said the vision of Olam was to see the development of prosperous farmers who will have knowledge of prevention of vital health issues and imbibed practices on healthy living

Beneficiaries of the Healthy living fair including Oba Ajijola George of Oloruntedo Community, The Principal Atakunmosa High School Mr Abayomi Ekuwale, and one of the farmers, Mr Jimoh Temijawa expressed their gratitude to Olam for the intiative and generousity.

Highlights of the Healthy Living fair include health talks, medical examination, quiz competition, distribution of food items and Mosquito nets to all the participants.

Corruption in Nigeria and the Battle for Nationhood

Author: Timothy BamideleContentment is a virtue respected and propagated by every religion; race and creed whereas covetousness and greed generally are regarded as vice and appals everyone with contemptuous annoyance.

A civilised human society has rules of engagement guiding private and public conducts, the rational minded in any given society frowns at every iota of dishonesty, how much more unbridled tendency for acquisition of wealth especially in primitive desperation.

Our country today is confronted with a bug called corruption. It has infested our world and had eaten deep like cankerworm into the fabric of our society. Ranging from pilfering to palace looting, pedestrian underhand dealings to official manipulation, corruption has become the caterpillar of destruction.

From petty stealing to palace looting, pedestrian underhand dealings to official manipulation, corruption has become the caterpillar of destruction.

It becomes worrisome that custodians of commonwealth, those in position of authority and entrusted with responsibilities are the ones who turned to be the captains among the legions of maggots eating up the nation.

The media is awash, daily, with divers tales of corruption, the stories of missing millions, starched away billions, bungled projects, the list is endless.

The scenario throws the present into a quicksand of under development and plunged the future into the ocean of perplexity and poverty.

How did we get here? Who fails to do what? Whose responsibility it is to check mate? Who should play oversight role and what institution should guard the state? All seemed to be compromised, guilty and culpable.

One wonder what moment in history did we detour and lose moral guard, our forebear are men of conscience and modesty. It is hard to pin down when the declension began, but greed, coloured with madness is at its crescendo.

The gains of greed, ostentatious lifestyle, and magnifications of its reward mutate the culture of diligence and hard work. The consequence is that the society breeds laziness, promotes indolence and destroys initiatives; after all, short cut pays.

Nigerians have not only tolerated corruption, they seemed to be getting conditioned, the system builds up social, psychological, ethnical and religious safety net to accommodate the menace to the extent that anyone who found himself in a privilege position especially public office is considered fortunate and expected to live big and be the father Christmas.

The game changing quality of service, sacrifice and selflessness had simply become alien, everyone for himself, all for God.

The social systems, schools, religious and family, aimed at building the society, have lost their relevance and also prey for a share in the reward of iniquity. Communities conferred traditional titles, Ivory tower bargained with honorary doctorate, and religion organisations pursue donations.

Stolen money is shared on the platform of philanthropist activities done to shut up the conscience. Men may excite themselves in their folly but God cannot be mocked, after all, Apostle Paul in the Holy bible stated that the gift of God can not be bought with money.

Greed perpetrated by the minority in the  upper class afflicts the poor and reinforces anti social behavior among the  millions at the lower rung of the ladder, though the former suffers the heaviest.

There is glaring paradox in the nation penal systems because those who commit minor offenses suffer heavy punishments whereas those with heinous crime enjoy mere spanking.

The younger folks just take a cue, resolved to go for the kill and aimed high to steal big, because they know that the size of their pockets will neutralized the consequence of their action, the end they say justify the means.This malady, the primitive acquisition of wealth deserves psychiatric investigation, declaration of national emergency and punchy chastisement.

The oppressed in the Nigerian society recently had a sense of relief and a new lease of life. They have perceived a new wave that under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, the monster will not only be confronted but will be attacked frontally.

The populace must resolve and constitute itself as a nuisance against the cabals and pylons who pillage commonwealth and plundered the nation’s resources. This however demands re-orientation.

Just as the President had pointed that corruption will kill the country, therefore war against corruption should not be politicized and clothed in the garment of deceit, selectivity, ethnicity and religiosity.

It’s a serious warfare not only because of its damaging effect but it’s certainty of destruction, it should therefore not be reduced to sloganeering.

The President should beware of the mixed multitudes, many within and outside his fold who had hitherto lived with monstrous skeleton in their cupboards. These ones who suddenly become cheerleader apparently to cover up their trap, those big kettles calling the pot black, these “midnight” converts must not be allowed to dissolve until they vomit their loots hence they become the albatross of the new vision.

The President should not fall into the façade of their deception and fallacy of their décor.

Days ahead will be challenging as logjam will be created through the feeble institutional structures. It will be needful that the momentum is sustained by strengthening anti corruption institutions and supported with creation of special courts with distinct power to bite every culprit, regardless of class or caste, with a venom and pang of justice.

A blueprint to fight corruption should be developed; the message should be loud and clear, no longer business as usual.

To those who through goodwill rose to power with a promise to better the lots of the people but through greed and corruption wreck havoc on the society, in no long time, they shall be made to give account.

Leopard cannot change its skin, with the heat of the moment they will want to lie low and invent new tricks as old ways will be blocked, to contend effectively with the evil of the moment and the threat it posed to the future, the nation needs a new brand of warriors, whistle blowers who will alert the world and nip corruption at the bud.

Let it be proclaimed from Abuja to Abeokuta, Oyo to Uyo and Kastina to kwara that the cup of judgment of the kleptomaniac is full.

No doubt, Nigerians have great expectations under this dispensation, the path to liberty, greatness and prosperity is not hidden, we must resolved to walk the talk, follow the path of truth, openness, sacrifice, transparency, equity and fairness.

Righteousness still remained the indestructible springboard through which any nation can be exalted, Nigeria not an exemption